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Don’t miss out on Daewoo TV parts from ElectroParts. Our repair products are available at affordable prices, and they don’t require you to hire a repair service. We offer competitive pricing and a 180-day warranty on all products. To show you how much we care about your satisfaction, we’ll also cover shipping both ways for returns and exchanges.

Our line of Daewoo TV parts includes power supply board units, main video motherboards, and plasma scan drive top board units. No matter what type of parts you need, you can count on getting the best deal with us. Shop ElectroParts now!


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  1. LG 42" 42PX3DBV-UC 6871QDH084A Plasma YDRVTP Y Drive Top Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type:: YDRVTP , Y Drive Top
    Part Number:: 6871QDH084A
    Part Usage:: Plasma
    MFR Part Number 1:: LG 6871QDH084A
    MFR Part Number 2:: Sony 1-789-206-11
    Board Number(s):: 6870QDE014B
    Known Models:: DAEWOO DT-42A1 , HYUNDAI HPT-4260 , ILO PDP4210EA1 , LG 42PF332110 , LG 42PF532010 , LG 42PF532110 , LG 42PF532112 , LG 42PF5520D/10 , LG 42PF5520S/10 , LG 42PM3MV-UC , LG 42PX3DCV-UC , LG 42PX3RV-ZA.AEKLLEP , LG 42PX2D-UC , LG 42PX3DBV-UC , LG 42PX3DCV-UC , LG 42PX3DLV-UC , SONY PFM42V1A , SONY FWD-42PV1P , SONY PFM-42V1A , SWISSTEC SKY-EN42/W1LG , TOSHIBA 42WP56T , VISTRON VIS042 , ZENITH Z42PX42D , ZENITH Z42PX2D
    Panel Sticker Number:: PDP42V7
  2. Daewoo 32" DLT-32C2 LJ94-00835V T-Con Timing Control Board Unit

    PartType: T-Con Timing Control Board Unit
    Part Number: LJ94-00835V
    Known Models: Daewoo , DLT-32C2
  3. Daewoo 42" DP-42SM PKG-4020 Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type:: Power Supply Board Unit
    Part Number:: PKG-4020
    Known Models:: Daewoo , DP-42SM
  4. Daewoo 42" DP-42SM 4959810924-02 AV Side Board Unit

    Part Type: AV Side Board Unit
    Part Number: 4959810924-02
    Known Models: Daewoo , DP-42SM
  5. Daewoo 42" DP-42SM 4959810924-08 A/V Board Unit

    Part Type: A/V Board Unit
    Part Number: 4959810924-08
    Known Models: Daewoo , DP-42SM
  6. Daewoo 32" DLA-32C7LAB 4859818492-TMP Main Board Video Motherboard Unit

    Part Type: Main Board Video Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: 4859818492-TMP
    Known Models: Daewoo , DLA-32C7LAB
  7. Daewoo 42" DP-42SM 4859800732-01 Video Board Unit

    Part Type: Video Board Unit
    Part Number: 4859800732-01
    Known Models: Daewoo , DP-42SM
  8. Daewoo 42" PX-42VM3A DP-42SM PKG42B2J3 PC Board Unit

    Part Type: PC Board Unit
    Part Number: PKG42B2J3
    Known Models: Daewoo , PX-42VM3A , DP-42SM
  9. Hitachi 42" 42HDT20A NA18106-5008 X Main Video Board Motherboard Discount

    Part Type: X Main Board , XSUS , X Sustain , X-Main
    Part Number: NA18106-5008
    MFR Part Number 1: Hitachi NA18106-5008
    MFR Part Number 2: Sony 988504857
    MFR Part Number 3: Hitachi FPF16R-XSS5008
    Known Models: Daewoo , PDH42L40 , Hitachi , CMP4203 , CMP4203W , CMP4202U , CMP4202 , CMP4201U , 42HDT20A , 42HDT50 , 42HDT50M , 42HDT55 , 42HDX60 , CMP4201 , Norcent , PT-420 , Philips , 42FD9934/17S , 42FD9954/17S , Sanyo , PDP42H1AN , Sony , KE-42TS2U , PFM-42B2 , Fujitsu , P42HHA10WS , Gateway , GTW-P42M403 , Viore , V42PD5M
  10. Hitachi 42" PDH42L40 NA18106-5009 Y Main Video Board Motherboard Discount

    Part Type: Y-Main Board , YSUS , Y-Sustain
    Part Number: NA18106-5009
    Part Usage: Plasma
    Known Models: Daewoo , PDH42L40 , Sony , KE-42TS2U , KE-42TS2E , PFM-42B2 , Sanyo , PDP42H1AN , Philips , 42FD9954/17S , 42FD9934/17S , Norcent , PT-420 , Hitachi , CMP4201U , 42PD3000E , 42HDT50M , Gateway , GTW-P42M403 , Fujitsu , P42HHA10WS
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