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Affordable Hannspree TV Parts

Shop for Hannspree TV parts here! We carry a wide collection of TV parts, ranging from motherboards to power supply boards and much more. We’re ElectroParts: a company that puts you first by providing competitive pricing on outstanding products. You can also repair many of our parts on your own, meaning you won’t have to pay a hefty fee for professional repair service. Plus, we’ll take care of shipping both ways for returns and exchanges. We also carry a 180-day warranty on all products on our site.

ElectroParts is the repair parts company you deserve. Purchase your Hannspree TV Parts today.


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  1. Hannspree 25" HSG1074 UA-3810-01UN-LF Rev:X5 LCD Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type:: Main Video Board
    Part Number:: UA-3810-01UN-LF Rev:X5
    Known Models:: HANSPREE HSG1074
  2. Hannspree 32" HSG1131 795551400500R LED LCD Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type : Power Supply Unit
    Part Number : L-795551400500R
    Part Usage : LED/LCD
    MFR Part Number 1 : Vizio 795551400500R
    Board Number(s) : 795551400500R , 491A01361400R
    Known Models : VIZIO E322MV
    Hanspree 32" HSG1131
  3. Hannspree JT01-32U1-000G 6201-7032261101 Main Video Board Motherboard Discount

    Part Type: Main Video Board Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: 6201-7032261101
    Known Models: Hannspree , JT01-32U1-000G
  4. Hannspree HSG1076 60.EB12M.12A Main Video Board Motherboard

    Part Type: Main Video Board Motherboard
    Part Number: 60.EB12M.12A
    Known Models: Hannspree , HSG1076
  5. Hannspree 42" HSG1102 35-D040465 LCD T-Con Control Timing Board Unit

    Part Type:: T-Con Board , LCD Controller , Control Board , CTRL Board , Timing Control
    Part Number:: 35-D040465
    Board Number(s):: V420H1-CH7
    Panel Sticker Number:: V420H1-LH7 Rev.C1
    Known Models:: HANNSPREE , HSG1102
  6. Hannspree 42" HSG1102 60.EB3LM.12A LCD Main Video Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type:: Main Unit , Main Board , VGA Input , HDMI Input , A/V Board , Tuner Board , USB Input , S Video Input , Headphone Jack
    Part Number:: 60.EB3LM.12A
    REV Number:: 1.05
    Board Number(s):: SIS3242US-A-HS-32
    Known Models:: HANNSPREE , HSG1102
    Panel Sticker Number:: V420H1-LH7 Rev.C1
  7. Hannspree 42" HSG1102 PA-4271-01UN-LF LCD Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type:: Power Supply Unit
    Part Number:: PA-4271-01UN-LF
    REV Number:: A
    TV Models:: HANNSPREE , HSG1102
  8. Hannspree 28" ST285MUB UA-3131-01UN-LF LCD Power Supply Backlight Inverter Board

    Part Type:: T-Con Board Unit
    Part Number:: 6870C-4200C 1341D
    Part Usage:: LCD
    Known Models:: Vizio , V047L
  9. Viewsonic 40" N4060W VS10846-1E FSP276-3F01 Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type:: Power Supply
    Part Number:: FSP276-3F01
    Board Numbers:: 3BS0111511GP
    Known Models:: Hannspree , GT03-37E1-000G , Teco , LCD40HD
  10. Hannspree 42" HSG1102 60.EB3LP.10A PC Board Unit

    Part Type: PC Board
    Part Number: 60.EB3LP.10A
    Board Number(s): SIS4255MEMC-A
    Known Models: Hannspree , HSG1102
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