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  1. Hyperion 32" 32T51 473-01A2-57002G A2 LCD Jack CBA Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type:: Jack CBA Board
    Part Number:: 473-01A2-57002G A2
    Known Models:: HYPERION 32T51
  2. Vizio 32" VA320E 32T51 L32WB81 6870C-0238B 1906A T-Con LCD Controller Board Unit

    Part Type:: T-Con Board , LCD Controller , Control Board , CTRL Board
    Part Number:: 6871L-1906A
    Board Number(s):: 6870C-0238B
    Known Models:: ALBA LCD32880HDF , AOC L32WB81 , HYPERION 32T51 , VIZIO VA320E
    Panel Sticker Number:: LC320WXE-SBC1
  3. Hyperion 32" 32T51 MP01009 LCD Power Supply Backlight Inverter Board Unit

    Part Type:: Power Supply Unit , Backlight Inverter
    Part Number:: MP01009-LG26
    Part Usage:: LCD
    Board Number(s):: MP01009-LG26 , MP01009
    Known Models:: HYPERION 32T51
    Panel Sticker Number:: LC320WXE-SBB1
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