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Dependable Ilo TV Parts

Look no further for Ilo tv parts. ElectroParts carries a wide array of superb parts at competitive prices. From power supply board units to backlight inverter boards, you can repair many of our parts on your own without requiring professional repair service. In addition, we provide a 180-day warranty on all products in stock. And to put the icing on the cake, we’ll cover shipping costs both ways on returns and exchanges.

Our company is an eBay top-rated seller with 67,000 reviews at a 99.4% positive rating. You can count on ElectroParts no matter what Ilo tv parts you’re shopping for. Spend less time and money shopping for repair equipment and more time enjoying your TV.


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  1. ILO 32" ILO-32HD DTV3218ATM LCD Main Video Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Number:: DTV3218ATM
    Board Number(s):: DTV3218AT
    Known Models:: ILO ILO-32HD
  2. ILO 42" P42BSMT-U32 P42BSMT-U32 Main Video Board Motherboard Unit

    PartType: Main Video Board Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: P42BSMT-U32
    Known Models: ILO , P42BSMT-U32
  3. For Mintek 26" DTV-265-D DTV2618-9KDT-QAM V.1 Main Video Board Motherboard Unit

    PartType: Main Video Board Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: DTV2618-9KDT-QAM V.1
    Known Models: Mintek , DTV-265-D , ILO , ILO-26HD
  4. ILO 23" V23DLWX V23DLWX-M12 Main Video Board AV Selector Unit

    Part Type:: Main Board , AV Selector Board
    Part Numbers:: V23DLWX-M12
    Known Models:: ILO , V23DLWX , ,
  5. Samsung 42" P42BSKH LJ92-01274C Main Logic CTRL Board Unit

    Part Type: Main Logic CTRL Board, , Control Board, , Logic Main, , SD V4 Logic Main ASIC
    Part Number: LJ92-01274C
    REV Number: CA2
    Panel Sticker Number: S42SD-YD07
    Panel Manufacturer: Samsung
    PCB Number: LJ41-03075A
    PBA Number: LJ92-01274C
    Known Models: Ilo , P42BSKH , Matsui , 42PSD01 , Planar , PD42ED
  6. AUO 32" 32HD 55.31T01.100 T-Con Timing Board Unit

    Part Type: T-Con Board , LCD Controller , Control Board , CTRL Board , Timing Control
    Part Number: 55.31T01.100
    Board Number(s): 05A09-1C
    Panel Sticker Number: T315XW01
    Panel Manufacturer: AU Optronics
    Known Models: Ilo , -32HD , Samsung , LNR328WX/XAA , Viewsonic , N3260W VS10847-1M , Vizio , L32HDTV10A
  7. Samsung 32" LE32R41BX/XEU 19.26006.109 Backlight Inverter Board Unit

    Part Type: Backlight Inverter , Backlight , Ballast Board PCB , Inverter Board
    Part Number: 19.26006.109
    MFR Part Number 1: AUO 19.26006.109
    Board Number(s): 4H.V1448.290/B1
    Known Models: Ilo , -32HD , ILO-3200 , Vivitek , LT32PL1A , Samsung , LE32R41BX/XEU , Proview , RX-326 , 3200 , Protron , PLTV-32M , PLTV-32CM , Proscan , 32LA30Q , Maxim , 11-5732TVAUO , Lg , RZ-32LZ55 , 32LX2R-ZE , Vizio , L32HDTV10A
  8. ILO 26" ILO-2600 DTV260A V.1 LCD Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type: Power Supply Unit
    Part Number: DTV260A V.1
    Part Usage: LCD
    MFR Part Number 1: ILO DTV260A
    Board Number(s): DTV260A.PCB , HGP-DSC220ATV
    Known Models: Ilo , -2600 , -26HD , Mintek , DTV-263-D
  9. Sylvania 42" 6842THG LJ92-01432C Main Logic Control Board Unit

    Part Type: Main Logic CTRL Board , Control Board , Logic Main
    Part Number: LJ92-01432C
    REV Number: CA1 R1.6
    MFR Part Number 1: Sylvania 1ESA13498
    Panel Sticker Number: S42AX-YB02
    Known Models: Swisstec , T42-1SG , Sylvania , 6842THG , Tcl , PLM-PD-420-HD
  10. Philips 42" BDS4223V/27 LJ92-01255A X Main Board Unit

    Part Type: X-Main Board , XSUS , X-Sustain
    Part Number: LJ92-01255A
    REV Number: R1.1
    MFR Part Number 1: Philips 996500030141
    Panel Sticker Number: S42SD-YD05
    Panel Manufacturer: Samsung
    Known Models: Ilo , P42BSKH , Magnavox , 42MF130A/37 , 42MF230 , Maxent , MX-42VM11 P4202YD05 , Philips , BDS4223V/27 , Polaroid , PLA-4205 , Proview , MH422-SU_V3 , PDM-421 , Samsung , SPP4251X/XAA
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