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Samsung 46

Samsung 46" LN46A650 LJ94-02347J LCD T-Con Control Timing Board Unit

Samsung 42

Samsung 42" PN42A410C1 BN94-01795A Plasma Main Video Board Unit Motherboard

Samsung 42" PN42A410C1 LJ92-01485B Plasma Main Logic Control Board Unit

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Please be sure that the BOARD Part Number and picture on your motherboard is EXACTLY as shown above. Do not match by TV Model. There are possibly several different boards for each model TV. This board has been pulled from a working cracked screen TV. All items are tested and guaranteed to work. This photo is STOCK meaning it may vary slightly from the one you received in color or removable cables.

Part Type: : Main Logic CTRL Board, , Control Board, , Logic Main,
Part Number: : BN96-07807A,
Part Usage: : Plasma,
REV Number: : BA2, , BA3,
MFR Part Number 1: : Samsung BN96-07807A,
Panel Sticker Number: : S42AX-YB04,
PCB Number: : LJ41-05078A,
PBA Number: : LJ92-01485B,
Known Models: : Samsung, , PL42A450P1CZB 0001 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0001 , PS42A350P1PXXZ 0002 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0003 , PS42A350P1PXXZ 0004 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0006 , PN42A450P1DXZA PN42A450P1D S906 , PN42A450P1D SS01 PN42A450P1D S304 , PN42A410C1DXZA PN42A400C2DXZA , PL42A450P1XZP 0001 PL42A450P1XZP BO04 , PL42A450P1XZP SS15 PL42A450P1XZP S305 , PL42A450P1XZP S913 PL42A450P1XZP BA10 , PL42A450P1XZP BO11 PL42A450P1XZP S312 , PL42A450P1XZP SS01 PL42A450P1XZP S906 , PL42A450P1XZP BA07 PL42A450P1XZP BO09 , PL42A450P1XZL BO04 PL42A450P1XZL 0001 , PL42A450P1XZL BA10 PL42A450P1XZL BO11 , PL42A450P1XZL S312 PL42A450P1XZL BA07 , PL42A450P1XZL S305 PL42A450P1XZL BO09 , PL42A450P1XZL SS01 PL42A450P1XZL S913 , PL42A450P1XZL SS15 PL42A450P1XZL S906 , PL42A450P1XZD SS01 PL42A450P1XZD 0017 , PL42A450P1XZD 0018 PL42A450P1XZD SO04 , PL42A450P1XZD 0002 PL42A450P1XZD 0019 , PL42A450P1XZD 0011 PL42A450P1XZD 0015 , PL42A450P1XZD 0006 PL42A450P1XZD 0007 , PL42A450P1XZD 0016 PL42A450P1XZD 0023 , PL42A450P1XZD BO05 PL42A450P1XZD 0001 , PL42A450P1XZD 0008 PL42A450P1XZD 0020 , PL42A450P1XZD 0021 PL42A450P1XZB S906 , PL42A450P1XZB BO09 PL42A450P1XZB S305 , PL42A450P1XZB BA10 PL42A450P1XZB BO04 , PL42A450P1XZB SS01 PL42A450P1XZB BO11 , PL42A450P1XZB SS15 PL42A450P1XZB S312 , PL42A450P1XZB 0001 PL42A450P1XZB BA07 , PL42A450P1XZB S913 PL42A450P1XSR SS15 , PL42A450P1XRL BO11 PL42A450P1XRL S312 , PL42A450P1XRL BA07 PL42A450P1XRL S906 , PL42A450P1XRL SS01 PL42A450P1XRL BA10 , PL42A450P1XRL S305 PL42A450P1XRL BO04 , PL42A450P1XRL 0001 PL42A450P1XRL BO09 , PL42A450P1XRL S913 PL42A450P1XRL SS15 , PL42A450P1DXZX BA16 PL42A450P1DXZX BO06 , PL42A450P1DXZX SS01 PL42A450P1DXZX BS03 , PL42A450P1DXZX SS04 PL42A450P1DXZX S915 , PL42A450P1DXZX BA14 PL42A450P1DXZX BO07 , PL42A450P1DXZX S913 PL42A450P1DXZX B310 , PL42A450P1DXZX BS02 PL42A450P1DXZX B312 , PL42A450P1DXZX S309 PL42A450P1DXZX S311 , PL42A450P1CZD 0001 PS42A350P1XXZ BO07 , PS42A350P1XXZ S904 PS42A350P1XXZ S303 , PS42A350P1XXZ SS02 PS42A350P1XXZ BA05
Part Type: Main Logic CTRL Board
Control Board
Logic Main
Part Number: BN96-07807A
Part Usage: Plasma
REV Number: BA2
MFR Part Number 1: Samsung BN96-07807A
Panel Sticker Number: S42AX-YB04
PCB Number: LJ41-05078A
PBA Number: LJ92-01485B
Known Models: Samsung
PL42A450P1CZB 0001PS42A350P1PXXZ 0001
PS42A350P1PXXZ 0002PS42A350P1PXXZ 0003
PS42A350P1PXXZ 0004PS42A350P1PXXZ 0006
PN42A450P1DXZAPN42A450P1D S906
PN42A450P1D SS01PN42A450P1D S304
PL42A450P1XZP 0001PL42A450P1XZP BO04
PL42A450P1XZP SS15PL42A450P1XZP S305
PL42A450P1XZP S913PL42A450P1XZP BA10
PL42A450P1XZP BO11PL42A450P1XZP S312
PL42A450P1XZP SS01PL42A450P1XZP S906
PL42A450P1XZP BA07PL42A450P1XZP BO09
PL42A450P1XZL BO04PL42A450P1XZL 0001
PL42A450P1XZL BA10PL42A450P1XZL BO11
PL42A450P1XZL S312PL42A450P1XZL BA07
PL42A450P1XZL S305PL42A450P1XZL BO09
PL42A450P1XZL SS01PL42A450P1XZL S913
PL42A450P1XZL SS15PL42A450P1XZL S906
PL42A450P1XZD SS01PL42A450P1XZD 0017
PL42A450P1XZD 0018PL42A450P1XZD SO04
PL42A450P1XZD 0002PL42A450P1XZD 0019
PL42A450P1XZD 0011PL42A450P1XZD 0015
PL42A450P1XZD 0006PL42A450P1XZD 0007
PL42A450P1XZD 0016PL42A450P1XZD 0023
PL42A450P1XZD BO05PL42A450P1XZD 0001
PL42A450P1XZD 0008PL42A450P1XZD 0020
PL42A450P1XZD 0021PL42A450P1XZB S906
PL42A450P1XZB BO09PL42A450P1XZB S305
PL42A450P1XZB BA10PL42A450P1XZB BO04
PL42A450P1XZB SS01PL42A450P1XZB BO11
PL42A450P1XZB SS15PL42A450P1XZB S312
PL42A450P1XZB 0001PL42A450P1XZB BA07
PL42A450P1XZB S913PL42A450P1XSR SS15
PL42A450P1XRL BO11PL42A450P1XRL S312
PL42A450P1XRL BA07PL42A450P1XRL S906
PL42A450P1XRL SS01PL42A450P1XRL BA10
PL42A450P1XRL S305PL42A450P1XRL BO04
PL42A450P1XRL 0001PL42A450P1XRL BO09
PL42A450P1XRL S913PL42A450P1XRL SS15
PL42A450P1DXZX SS04PL42A450P1DXZX S915
PL42A450P1DXZX S913PL42A450P1DXZX B310
PL42A450P1DXZX BS02PL42A450P1DXZX B312
PL42A450P1DXZX S309PL42A450P1DXZX S311
PL42A450P1CZD 0001PS42A350P1XXZ BO07
PS42A350P1XXZ S904PS42A350P1XXZ S303
PS42A350P1XXZ SS02PS42A350P1XXZ BA05

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    NO Power Troubleshooting HELP

    We are here to help! If you're unsure of how to diagnose and troubleshoot the TV message or call us for more assistance!

    *NOTE* LG & Vizio TVs must be plugged in for 5 minutes before it will turn on*

    *For main board replacements check firmware upgrades online - We can not pre-install them*

    1. Inspect ALL Ribbons and connectors. Any tears or bad connections between boards must be replaced FIRST

    2. If you have any of these boards, it should be the first board to be replaced
    A) T-Con Board - Video Problems (No Video with standby light on, audio but no video, grainy, distorted, or color problems in screen)
    B) X or Y Buffer Board (Plasma TVs only) - Standby light is on but no power
    C) Backlight Inverter / LED Driver - No Video with standby light on

    3. Main Video Board
    - Standby light is on but no power
    - Either video or audio does not work (if no T-Con in TV. If audio but no video it is T-Con)

    4. Power Board - No power AND standby light does NOT turn on. If standby light is on try other boards above

    5. Panel - No power, distorted picture, lines, slow motion, half screen, faded in / out. Panel problems are usually not worth replacing the panel.

    Check out Tampatec's video below for help with general troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with boards

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