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Purchase Sharp TV Parts Online

ElectroParts carries an assortment of Sharp TV parts. This includes parts such as Sharp TV motherboard units, Sharp TV T-Con boards, and other essentials for your set at competitive prices. We also provide a 180-day warranty on all of our products.

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  1. Sharp 46" LC-46BD80U RUNTKA538WJN1 LCD Backlight Inverter Board Master Unit

    Part Type: Scan Drive SU Board , Scan Drive Upper
    Part Number: TNPA5068AB
    Board Number(s): TNPA5068AB
    Known Models: SANYO DP50710 P50710-00 , SANYO DP50710 P50710-01 , SANYO DP50740 P50740-00S , ANYO DP50741 P50741-01
    Panel Sticker Number: MC127H36E13
  2. Sharp 45" LC-45GD4U KD009UJ01 AC Inlet Board Unit

    PartType: AC Inlet Board Unit
    Part Number: KD009UJ01
    Known Models: Sharp , LC-45GD4U
  3. Sharp 45" LC-45GD4U DUNTKD001UJ01 KD001UJ01 T-Con Timing Control Board Unit

    PartType: T-Con Timing Control Board Unit
    Part Number: KD001UJ01
    Known Models: Sharp , LC-45GD4U
  4. Sharp 22" LC-22SB24U LC-22SB24U CA0DE89171 LCD Main Video Board Motherboard

    Part Type: Main Unit , Main Board , VGA Input , HDMI Input , Tuner Board
    Part Number: CA0DE89171
    Part Usage: LCD
    Board Number(s): CEG360A , DA18789181
    Known Models: SHARP LC-22B24U , SHARP LC-22SB24U
  5. Sharp 22" LC-22SB24U LC-22DV24U CEH417A Backlight Inverter Power Supply Board

    Part Type: Backlight Inverter , Inverter Board , Power Supply Unit
    Part Number: CEH417A
    Part Usage: LCD
    Known Models: SHARP LC-22DV24U , SHARP LC-22SB24U
    Panel Sticker Number: M220Z1-L03 Rev.C1
  6. Sharp 22" LC-22SB28UT CEK587A LCD Power Supply Board Motherboard Unit

    Part Type:: Power Supply Unit
    Part Number:: 9JDA39Y01U240
    MFR Part Number 1:: Sharp 9JDA39Y01U240
    Board Number(s):: CEK587A
    Known Models:: LC-22SB28UT , ,
  7. Sharp 46" LC-C4677UN CPWBX4023TPXR RUNTK4023TPXR DUNTK4023TPXR T-Con Board

    Part Type: T-Con Board , LCD Controller , Control Board , CTRL Board
    Part Number: CPWBX4023TPXR
    MFR Part Number 1: Sharp CPWBX4023TPXR
    Board Number(s): CPWBX4023TPXR , KE789 , XE789WJ
    Known Models: SHARP LC-46SB57UN , SHARP LC-C4677UN
  8. Sharp 40" LC-40LE431U DUNTK4918TPZJ CPWBX4918TPZJ RUNTK4918TPZJ LCD T-Con Board

    Part Type:: T-Con Board , LCD Controller , Control Board , CTRL Board , Timing Control
    Part Number:: DUNTK4918TPZJ
    Part Usage:: LED/LCD
    MFR Part Number 1:: Sharp DUNTK4918TPZJ
    Board Number(s):: CPWBX4918TPZJ , RUNTK4918TPZJ
    Known Models:: SHARP LC-40LE431U
    Panel Sticker Number:: T400D3-HA24-L04
  9. Sharp 20" LC-20H4BU LC-20SH4U DUNTKD035WEF9 LCD Main Video Board Motherboard

    Part Type: Sub Unit , Main Unit , P.W.B. Unit
    Part Number: DUNTKD035WEF9
    MFR Part Number 1: Sharp DUNTKD035WEF9
    Board Number(s): DUNTKD035WE , QPWBFD035WJN3
    Known Models: SHARP LC-20H4BU , SHARP LC-20SH4U
    Panel Sticker Number: LQ197V3GZ83
  10. Sharp 46" LC-46LE810UN LC-46SB54 LC-46SB54U DUNTKE209FM02H Side AV Board Unit

    Part Type: Side AV Board , Side Unit (LC46SB/C4654U) SUBCO
    Part Number: DUNTKE209FM02H
    MFR Part Number 1: SHARP DUNTKE209FM02H
    Board Number(s): KE209WJ
    Known Models: SHARP LC-46LE810UN , SHARP LC-46SB54 , SHARP LC-46SB54U , SHARP LC-C4654U
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Items 1-10 of 1252

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