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  1. Wren Solutions 26" PVM26 HAD300802-XYZ Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type:: Power Supply Unit
    Part Number:: HAD300802-XYZ
    Known Models:: Wren Solutions , PVM26
  2. Wren Solution 26" PVM26 HTM180FH-T8 LED LCD PC MAC Monitor Power Supply Board

    Part Type:: Power Supply Unit
    Part Number:: HTM180FH-T8
    Part Usage:: LED/LCD
    Board Numbers:: HTM180FH-TX
    Known Models:: Wren Solution , PVM26
  3. WREN 26" PVM26 414R055900 LCD Audio Board Unit

    Part Type:: Audio Board
    Part Number:: 414R055900
    Known Models:: WREN XVT3D580CM
  4. Wren Solutions 26" PVM26 414R051303 LCD Main Board Motherboard

    Part Type: Main Board
    Part Number: 414R051303
    Known Models: Wren Solution , PVM26
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