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  1. Sylvania 37" LD370SC8 A74GBUZ Digital Tuner Board Unit

    Part Type:: Digital Tuner Board
    Part Number:: A74GBUZ
    Board Numbers:: A74GBUZ , BA71F0G04013
    Known Models:: Sylvania , LD320SS8 , LD320SS8A , LD370SC8 , LD370SC8S
  2. Sylvania 22" LC225SSX A9171UH Digital Main Video Board Motherboard Unit

    PartType: Digital Main Video Board Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: A9171UH
    Known Models: Sylvania , LC225SSX
  3. Sylvania 32" LC320SS8A A71F9MPS-4 A/V Board Unit

    Part Type: AV Board
    Part Number: A71F9MPS-4
    Board Number(s): A71F9MPS , BA71F0F01024-4
    Known Models: Sylvania , LC320SS8A , LD320SS8A
  4. Sylvania 32" LD320SS8 A74F2MPS, BA71F0F01024-4 Signal Board Unit

    Part Type: Signal Board Unit
    Part Number: A74F2MPS, BA71F0F01024-4
    Known Models: Sylvania , LD320SS8 , LD320SS8A , LD370SC8
  5. Sylvania 68" 6842PE 6842PF L0601UZ Digital Board Unit

    Part Type: Digital Board Unit
    Part Number: L0601UZ
    Known Models: Sylvania , 6842PE , 6842PF
  6. SYLVANIA 42" 6842PE L0601MUT MUT Board Unit

    Part Type: MUT Board Unit
    Part Number: L0601MUT
    Known Models: SYLVANIA , 6842PE
  7. Sylvania 32" LC320SL1 A91F3UH Digital Main Video Board Unit

    Part Type: Main Video Board Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: A91F3UH
    Known Models: Sylvania , LC320SL1 , LC320SLX
  8. Sylvania 37" LC370SS8 A71G0MPS Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type: Power Supply Board Unit
    Part Number: A71G0MPS
    Known Models: Sylvania , LC370SS8
  9. Mitsubishi 46" LT-46149 7etcn DVD Mechanism Board Unit

    Part Type: DVD Main CBA , DVD Mechanism , DVD Holder , DVD Player
    Part Number: N7ETCKUP
    MFR Part Number 1: P&F N7ETCKUP
    Board Number(s): 7ETCN , 7ETCK
    Known Models: Sylvania , LD370SC8S
  10. Sylvania 42" 6842PEMA L0654MMD Signal Board Unit

    Part Type: Audio Amp Assy , PC Board , Audio Board , Signal Board
    Part Number: L0654MMD
    Board Number(s): BL0650G04011PZ-2 , L0654MMD , L0654UE , BL0650G04011
    Known Models: Sylvania , 6842PEMA
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