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Searching for parts

Help! I'm not sure how to identify which part number is correct?

The first step would be to follow the instructions in the listing to find which board you should try to replace first. You can also watch the YouTube videos here. The only real way to properly troubleshoot / diagnose is by trial and error since there could be several boards that show similar symptoms and possibly more than 1 board not working. Sometimes the symptoms change. We typically recommend purchasing all the boards that you suspect will fix the TV so you have all the parts you may need. The only way to be sure to find the right part is to open up your TV, remove the board and search by the numbers on the stickers. You may have to search several before you find the correct one. If you search by TV model it will most likely NOT work. Please contact us for help troubleshooting, diagnosing or finding the correct part number.

Can I search by the number directly printed on the board?

No. You can use it to help find the part number but using just the number printed directly on the board will almost never lead you to the correct part, as there are many boards that are not compatible with each other but have the same board number. If you need help locating the part number use the live chat located at the bottom right corner of the page.

Can I search by TV Model number?

Technically yes but there is a high chance you do not purchase the correct one. Manufacturers will often make a TV model that has different chassis and boards inside. It is best to find the part number usually located on a sticker on the board.

Can you repair our TV for us?

Unfortunately, we no longer repair TVs but if you need to locate a certified TV technician you can find one at or

My part doesn't show up, do you have other inventory not listed online yet?

YES! We have thousands of parts that have yet to be listed here on the site so please visit or contact us using the chat in the bottom right corner to see if we have a part that isn't listed.

My part is not in stock, when do you get more in stock?

We update inventory daily and are always getting more. You can sign up for a product out of stock notification when it comes back in stock. Contact us in the chat for an idea of when it may come back in stock or possible compatible parts that you may be able to use.

We found a cheaper price than yours. Do you price match?

Yes, we do! Make the purchase if you haven't already and send us a link of the competitor within 30 days . The competitor must have it in stock and have a similar warranty. We match price after shipping since ours is free (cause we're probably better than them) and we do not match all eBay listings / sellers. If you have an eBay link send it to us and we'll take a look and base it case by case. We don't price match and give an additional customer discounts on top.

Why do so many boards show up when I search for my part?

If there is more than one part (discount listings not included) then you are probably searching by the board number or TV model rather than part number. Locate the part number by trying to search by the numbers listed on a sticker. Contact us via chat if you need help finding the correct part number.

Your price is more than I have! Will you take what I can offer?

Possibly! You can submit a best offer and it will be addressed within 1 business day so keep an eye on your email. We will accept, deny or email you regarding a counter offer.


Can I bill the shipping to my UPS or Fedex account to expedite shipping using my discounts?

Yes, just choose bill to third party as your shipping option. Be sure the info is correct or it may cause delays. We do not charge any handling fee for this service!

Do you ship international? What is covered by cost of shipping and how long does it take to be delivered?

Yes but we have to charge extra for international shipping.
- Cost of shipping is nonrefundable after it ships whether it is delivered or not.
- We have no control of customs. There may be import taxes / customs fees and delays which can not be responsible for and can not pay up front. Consult your customs office before purchasing.
**Shipping cost is an ESTIMATE. If it costs more we will contact you for additional cost of shipping (usually for boards heavier than 3 lbs)
Time for delivery:
USPS First Class Intl / 4-8 weeks (could be longer if flagged by customs)
USPS Priority Main Intl / 2-4 weeks (could be longer if flagged by customs)
UPS Expedited / 1 week (could be longer if flagged by customs - UPS has it's own customs department and should not be held for very long)
For international order returns - We do not cover shipping to or from you regardless of reason for return

Do you ship to PO Boxes, APO, FPO?

Yes, we do ship to PO boxes, APO, FPO, etc. Anywhere that USPS ships to we do not charge an extra fee for, however they do not allow us to process return shipping labels from these locations and we will not cover return shipping for it.

How long does it take to ship out from your warehouse? How long does it take to get to me?

We typically ship the next business after the order comes in but we strive for same day when possible. It will typically take 1-6 business days with the free service.

I need it sooner! Can I expedite shipping?

Yes, we offer flat rate 2-3 business day USPS Priority Mail service for $10 plus $7 for more than one or if you need it sooner we offer overnight for a higher fee. We can also bill to your UPS or Fedex account completely free of any shipping and handling fees from us.

We are in Los Angeles. Can we pick up the part?

Yes but please contact us first because it may not be in stock in the warehouse

Where do you ship from?

We have a location in Los Angeles California. so we will ship from the California location.

Why is shipping for boards free?

We don't like to have hidden costs so the price you see is what you pay (except for state taxes only in California and Indiana). We do offer expedited shipping for $10 for 2-3 day delivery via USPS Priority Mail


How do I set up a return?

You can file a return directly at
If you prefer to contact us directly you can reach us by email:

How does the extended warranty work?

You get 1 exchange within the 1 or 2 year period but the standard 180 day warranty refreshes. Likewise, if you exchange within the first 180 days it does not count against your extended warranty. There is no limit to the exchanges within the 180 day warranty but usually we recommend a refund after a few exchanges. We cover shipping both ways for warranty exchanges. We do not refund the initial extended warranty payment.

How long is your warranty?

Our standard warranty is 180 days (roughly 6 months). We offer a 1 or 2 year extended warranty with varying prices depending on the cost of the board.

What’s your return policy which you call the best in the industry?

-> Standard 180 Day Warranty on all products
-> Hassle Free returns / exchanges. We will request the reason and attempt to help troubleshoot. Our goal is to help get your TV working, not to hassle!
-> We pay shipping both ways for board returns within contiguous U.S. Note: Any optional paid shipping for expedited or out of the country is not covered for shipping to you or exchanges. USPS and UPS does not allow us to process return labels in certain areas like islands, FPO, APO, outside of contiguous U.S., etc. We are not responsible for return shipping in these areas and we require you to ship to us for returns and exchanges.

Additional Returns FAQ

All items are covered under 180 day warranty. FREE PRO TECH SUPPORT! Please contact us directly by the "contact seller" section for free shipping. If you pay additional for expedited, heavy shipments and stands this is nonrefundable. TV repairs are often misdiagnosed or incompatible purchases are made so if your item does not fix the problem or the problem changes please contact us for help troubleshooting before filing disputes or leaving feedback. Sometimes multiple parts in a TV stop working at once so we may recommend to purchase another board before returning it. Se Habla Español

We are not responsible for shipping costs incurred or for refunds / exchanges including regular return shipping costs, international shipping costs, freight forwarding costs, or customs duty or tax. If the item was purchased by mistake or defective we will not cover return shipping but we will give you a full refund without restocking fees.

Disclaimer: If the item is shipped outside of the contiguous U.S. we are not responsible for shipping costs back into the contiguous U.S. - We can NOT send return labels or reimburse any costs of shipping. All products have a warranty seal and must be returned with it or we will deny the return.

ANTI-SCAM POLICY: All of our products have special stickers on them. If a buyer sends it back without this sticker or is unwilling to provide adequate proof of compatibility when stating the item is defective then we will take that as a deliberate attempt to deceive and manipulate the system. Buyers account will be reported for fraud. We ask questions for help with troubleshooting in attempt to help you fix your TV. Please be patient with us.


Do you sell manuals?

No, we do not but usually if you do a google search for your TV model [manual] you can find a pdf online.

I live in California or Indiana and have a resellers permit / tax exemption certificate. Do you accept this?

Yes! Please send us a filled out form BOE-230 to If you urgently need to place an order just let us know that you placed it and we can refund the tax.

I would like to buy in bulk / wholesale for more than 10 boards. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, please email a list of part numbers and quantity requested to and we will evaluate on a case by case basis and get back to you. You can also check a full list of inventory and make offers at

Why do you charge tax to both California and Indiana?

We have warehouses in both locations so by law, we must charge tax to those states regardless of which location the item is shipped from.

Troubleshooting Help

Boards - Check out Tampatec's video below for help with general troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with boards

My TV doesn't turn on. What board should I try to replace first?

We are here to help. An issue with a TV turning on may not be as straight forward as it may seem. Please follow the steps below to see if you may have to replace any other boards before trying the power board.

*NOTE* LG & Vizio TVs must be plugged in for 5 minutes before it will turn on after replacing any boards*

*For main board replacements check firmware upgrades online - We can not pre-install them*

1. Inspect ALL Ribbons and connectors. Any tears or bad connections between boards must be replaced FIRST

2. If you have any of these boards, it should be the first board to be replaced
A) T-Con Board - Video Problems (No Video with standby light on, audio but no video, vertical lines in the screen, half the screen not working, grainy, distorted, or color problems in screen)
B) X or Y Buffer Board (Plasma TVs only) - Standby light is on but no power
C) Backlight Inverter / LED Driver - No Video with standby light on. Please do flashlight test below first.

3. Main Video Board
- Standby light is on but still no power
- Do the flashlight test. Turn on the TV and look very closely at it with a flashlight. What you're looking for is an image on the screen but the image is not backlit so it's very hard to see. This would be similar to turning the backlights on your phone all the way down. If this is the issue you have to follow the cable from the backlights and whichever board it plugs into is the one you should try to replace first. It's either the Backlight inverter, LED driver, main video board or the power board.
- Either video or audio does not work (if there's no T-Con board in TV. If audio but no video try the T-Con board first)

4. Power Board - No power AND standby light does NOT turn on. If standby light is on try other boards above
- If your power board is clicking or buzzing it doesn't necessarily mean the power board is bad. There could be a short in a different board that is causing it. Please contact us for help troubleshooting this issue. You have to be very careful and follow the Safety Tips when troubleshooting

5. Panel / Screen- No power, distorted picture, lines, slow motion, half screen, faded in / out. Panel problems are usually not worth replacing. They could be as expensive as replacing the TV.

If you've watched the video, read the troubleshooting and are still unsure of how to diagnose the TV, please message or call us for more assistance before purchasing! We offer FREE PROFESSIONAL TECH SUPPORT! The only real way to properly troubleshoot / diagnose is by trial and error since there could be several boards that show similar symptoms and possibly more than 1 board not working. Sometimes the symptoms change. Be patient with questions from us and exchanges!

Special help for Plasma TVs

PLASMA TV Failure Symptoms - Plasma TV Repair Help brought to you by

Below is a breakdown of what board(s) to replace depending on the symptoms of your plasma television.

Power Supply Board

  • No sign of power (not turning on at all, no power light on front panel, hard to turn on)
  • Turns off immediately after turning on
  • Turns on after 20 minutes
  • Flashing pixels on screen

X, Y or Z Sustain Boards

  • Negative image
  • Flashing pixelated screen
  • Dark image
  • Screen goes black and then returns to normal picture
  • Vertical colored lines with/out video
  • Vertical bars on screen
  • Horizontal lines on the image
  • Picture turns red after while

Logic Control Boards

  • Only left part of screen working (vise versa)
  • Vertical and horizontal lines on screen
  • Some functions (or none at all) not working
  • No video but has sound

Buffer Boards

  • Part of screen not working
  • Black vertical bars on screen
  • Burning smell
  • Vertical colored lines changing in size
  • White or colored horizontal lines

Main Video Board

  • No video from one of the inputs
  • No sound but has video (vise versa)
  • Only menu lettering on screen
  • Some channels not working properly
  • No video but has a gray colored screen
  • Won’t turn off
  • Picture distorted after while
  • Intermittent sound
  • Won’t bring the menu on screen
  • Shuts down for no reason

Plasma Panel

  • Dark image on part of the screen
  • Static image from previous seen channel or show
  • Turn on and shuts down
  • Flashing red dots when it is cold
  • Intermittent change of colors or brightness


Plasmas are known have high voltage that may electrocute you instantly.