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TV AV Input Parts

ElectroParts carries TV AV inputs that suit small business owners, companies purchasing in bulk, or even those simply buying one replacement part. No matter what, we’ve got you covered. We cover shipping both ways for returns and exchanges, and we also provide a 180-day warranty on all products.

An AV input is a basic TV part that many users often take for granted until it’s needed. As such, ElectroParts carries essential products at affordable prices. Now you can enjoy your TV without stressing where to find replacement parts. Plus, you won’t need to waste money on a professional TV service as you can easily configure the equipment yourself.

Shop now for TV AV input parts from ElectroParts.

HDTV Side AV Input

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  1. MAGNAVOX 32" 32MF605W/17 313914722661 V.1 Tuner Board Unit

    Part Type: Tuner Board Unit
    Part Number: 313914722661 V.1
    Known Models: Magnavox , 15MF500T/37 , 15MF605T/17 , 20MF500T/17 , 20MF605T/17 , 26MF605W/17 , 32MF605W/17 , Philips , 15PF5120/28 , 20PF5120/28 , 23PF5320/28
  2. Magnavox 50" 50MF231D/37 313926800181 Main Video Board Motherboard Unit

    Part Type: Main Video Board Motherboard Unit
    Part Number: 313926800181
    Known Models: Magnavox , 50MF231D/37
    Substitute Part: 313926800111 , 313926800121
  3. Magnavox 32" 32MF337B/27 996510011011 CBPF72MKZ1 Main Video Board Motherboard

    Part Type: Main Video Board Motherboard
    Part Number: BN97-07971F
    Known Models: Magnavox , 32MF337B/27
  4. Emerson 32" LC320EM82 A71FCMPS-4 LCD Signal Side AV Input Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type:: Signal Board , Side AV Input
    Part Number:: A71FCMPS-4
    Board Number(s):: A71FCMPS , BA71F0F01024-4
    Known Models:: EMERSON LC320EM82S
  5. Magnavox 46" 42MF438B/27 47MF438B/27 313926857363 SSB Main Video Board Unit

    Part Type: SSB , Main Unit , Main Board , VGA Input , HDMI Input , A/V Board , Tuner Board , USB Input , S Video Input
    Part Number: 313926857363
    MFR Part Number 1: Philips 313926857363
    MFR Part Number 2: Philips 313918900031
    Board Number(s): 313912363582v1 WK744.2 , 313912363592v1 WK744.2 , LC08SP MB SSB MT8280 NAFTA
    Substitute Parts: 313918900031
    Known Models: MAGNAVOX 42MF438B/27 , MAGNAVOX 42MF438B/F7 , MAGNAVOX 47MF438B/27 , MAGNAVOX 47MF438B/F7 , MAGNAVOX 52MF438B/27 , MAGNAVOX 52MF438B/F7 , PHILIPS 32PFL3403D/85 , PHILIPS 32PFL5403D/27 , PHILIPS 32PFL5403D/F7 , PHILIPS 32PFL5413D/85 , PHILIPS 42PFL3403D/F7 , PHILIPS 42PFL3603D/27 , PHILIPS 42PFL3603D/F7 , PHILIPS 42PFL5403D/27 , PHILIPS 42PFL5403D/85 , PHILIPS 42TA648BX/37 , PHILIPS 42TA648BX/F7 , PHILIPS 47PFL3603D/27 , PHILIPS 47PFL3603D/F7 , PHILIPS 47TA648BX/37 , PHILIPS 52PFL3603D/27 , PHILIPS 52PFL3603D/F7 , PHILIPS 52TA648BX/37
  6. Magnavox 26" 26MD251D/37 313815864901 Power Supply Board Unit

    Part Type: Power Supply Unit
    Part Number: 313815861261
    MFR Part Number 1: Philips 313815861261
    Board Number(s): 31381036091
    Substitute Parts: 313815866811 , 313815864901 , 313815864202
    Known Models: Magnavox , 26MF605W/17 , 32MF231D , 32MF605W/17
  7. Magnavox 20" 20MF605T/17 313815862141 Cba Scaler Board Unit

    Part Type: Cba Scaler Board Unit
    Part Number: 313815862141
    Known Models: Magnavox , 20MF605T/17
  8. Samsung 50" HPS5053X BN41-00691B Side AV Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type: Side AV Input
    Part Number: BN94-00691B
    MFR Part Number 1: Samsung BN94-00691B
    MFR Part Number 2: Version SD01
    Board Number(s): BN41-00691B
  9. RCA 40" L40FHD380YX7, L42FHD37YX6 40-LTV522-SIG2XG V.1 Side AV Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type: Side AV Input
    Part Number: 40-LTV522-SIG2XG V.1
    MFR Part Number 1: RCA 275568
    Known Models: RCA L40FHD380YX7 , RCA L42FHD37YX6 , RCA L42FHD380YX7
    Panel Sticker Number: LC420WUN
  10. Magnavox 26" 26MD350B BA04A0F01031_B LCD Key Controller Board Unit Motherboard

    Part Type:: Key Controller Board
    Part Number:: BA04A0F01031_B
    Known Models:: MAGNAVOX 26MD350B
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